Businesses grow where the opportunities are. And opportunity abounds in Bixby, Oklahoma. A recently completed Opportunity Gap retail leakage study found a nearly $600 million opportunity in the Bixby trade area, there is a proven, ready market for businesses in key categories, including:

Automotive Accessories/Parts/Tires $10 million
Electronics and Appliances $18 million
Building Materials and Supplies $110 million
Grocery Stores $43 million
Full-Service Restaurants $47 million
Clothing Stores $40 million
Pharmacies & Drug Stores $27 million
Sporting Goods $14 million
Shoe Stores $3 million
Office Supplies, Stationery $12 million
Department Stores $90 million

In addition to the size of the retail leakage, Bixby residents rank significantly ahead of the Tulsa MSA in general for Effective Buying Income, a measurement of income earned after taxes. This available spending income allows Bixby residents to afford a generally upscale lifestyle.

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E-mailable List of Key Opportunity Categories

Retail Leakage occurs when residents in a defined given area report spending MORE on specific categories of goods and services than the businesses in the same defined area report selling of those same goods and services. In other words, the residents are obtaining those goods and services from outside the defined area.

Bixby’s trade area is defined roughly as encompassing the Memorial corridor north to 71st Street, southeast to Coweta and Haskell, west along roughly 251st Street South to Highway 75, and then northeast back to the 71st & Memorial apex. It excludes the Glenpool retail market and the Tulsa Hills retail market.