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The most frequently requested data is available in the main body of this site, but we realize it may not fulfill all your data requirements. From this page you can download additional information formatted as 8.5 x 11 brochures. These are PDF files and may take a few moments to download. Download the Acrobat Reader (free) for viewing PDF files from Adobe if you don't already have it.

  • Bixby Marketing Guide
    (2 pages) 3.8 MB

    Discover the latest information on retail opportunities in Bixby.
  • 2014 Fiscal Year Oklahoma Business Incentive Tax Guide
    (70 pages) 2.3 MB

    This document is published annually by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and serves as a comprehensive overview of various incentive programs available to businesses choosing to locate in Oklahoma.
  • Official Corporate Limits Map
    (1 page, 17" x 22") 540 KB

    This official map shows the entire Tulsa metro area. Streets, highways and corporate limits for Tulsa and all the surrounding suburbs are noted on the map. Map published by INCOG (Indian Nation Council of Governments)

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    A wealth of additional information, including development-related issues and procedures, is available on the City of Bixby website.

Additional information is available on the following third-party sites: