The City of Bixby’s rapid growth showcases one of Bixby’s strengths: the city is easy to live in, easy to work, shop and play in, and welcomes new residents. Bixby is known across Oklahoma as a great place for both people and businesses to locate – for good reason. Bixby represents some of the best of what the Tulsa metro area has to offer, from access to all of the metro’s benefits to its own unique downtown, shopping districts, community festivals and more. Housing in a variety of styles and ranges, land for development, outstanding schools, and a thriving business community supported by local and metro residents alike all contribute to Bixby’s continued growth.

Some Demographic Highlights:

  • 77% of Bixby households are family households
  • 40% of Bixby residents have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • The average household income in Bixby is $97,105.00
  • 138,031 people live within a 7-mile radius of the heart of Bixby

Residents have repeatedly expressed an interest in additional retail and other businesses, since so many of their current purchases must be made in Tulsa proper. Local businesses report shoppers from across the southern part of the metro in addition to outlying communities as far as 30 miles away. Bixby’s tremendous market draw means the city makes sense as a location for any business hoping to take advantage of both the lucrative south Tulsa and the dynamic Bixby marketplaces.

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